Manifestation "From Sea to Table" 2018

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, the third edition of the event "From Sea to Table" in organisation of FLAG Istrian batana was held, on the newly renewed Medulin shore near Malin.

The program started with an opening ceremony at 12:00 o'clock by program leader Jelena Vitasović, and a welcome speech by the president of FLAG Istrian batana and Municipal Mayor Mr. Goran Buić, who welcomed all gathered, presented the caterers and expressed satisfaction with the repetition of this manifestation and continuation of cooperation of local fishermen and caterers from the area of ​​southern Istria. Also, Mr. Ezio Pinzan, head of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries and Water Management of the Istrian County, addressed the attendees, emphasizing the importance of fisheries and the maintenance of such events for southern Istria.

The project From sea to table was created in 2016 as a pilot project in which the Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) Istrian batana acts as a mediator in the creation of short supply chains at the target area of ​​FLAG, which will be tailored to local fishery products, with an emphasis on linking and networking primarily fishermen and caterers, and through the creation of official quality labels for fish products from FLAG area, all with the aim of promoting local fishery products and their consumption, expanding fishing activities and, ultimately, creating better links between fishermen and end customers. The intention is to create short chains whose advantage is the possibility of contacting fishermen and customer-caterers, who have the ability to create or develop a specific and long-term viable relationship within which fishermen get the opportunity to provide information on the origin of the products being sold. On the other hand, the customer can familiarize themselves with the fisheries sector and the methods of catching fish that they apply.

The long-term goal of the project is to draw attention of local population to the fishery products of local fishermen from the FLAG Istrian batana area and point to the presence and availability of quality sea food products and their value through the creation of an official quality label for sea food products and branding caterers from the area of ​​southern Istria whose menus offer fresh fish from local catches.

According to the expectations of the organizers, this year's event "From sea to table" has been significantly more successful than last year, which was primarily contributed by numerous caterers who donated their free time and the fishermen who donated parts of their catches. This year, there were thirteen catering facilities from the municipalities of Medulin, Ližnjan, Fažana and Marčana and the town of Rovinj. Like every year, this event was held in conjunction with the Family Day of the Municipality of Medulin, both of which were of a humanitarian character, and visitors had the opportunity to donate money throughout the day into envelope boxes made for this intent. During the whole day, over 2,000 fresh sea food was prepared and distributed, which contributed to a total amount of 33,643.33 kn for arranging the children's playground in Medulin adapted for children with special needs.

Apart from caterers and fishermen as the main actors of this story, a contribution was also given by the biologist Neven Iveša with his fun-educational workshop for the youngest "Meet The Sea" and Mr. Robert Cukon who, as a part of a FLAG Istrian batana project this year, starting at 4:30 pm, and in addition to the animation of Istra Inspirit, presented his newly restored traditional GUC boat, "The Light Blue Boat, Black Dog". After a solemn acknowledgment ceremony for the caterers, fishermen and family farms who participated in the event, at 9.30 pm Tomislav Bralić and the vocal group Intrade started their concert, which impressed the visitors with a three-hour performance with no pauses.

Ultimately, it is of particular importance to name all participants without which the manifestation 'From sea to table' would not be possible.

Many thanks to the caterers - Hook & Cook Medulin, Candis-2 from Medulin, Etien from Medulin, Velanera from Šišan, Financa from Medulin, La Perla from Rovinj, Lanterna from Pješčana bay, Spacio Matika from Rovinj, Stara konoba from Fažana, Feral tavern from Fažana, restaurant Plavi from Fažana, Amphora's tavern from Fažana and Kum from Krnica, fishermens - Siniša Milutinović, Siniša Pavlović, Igor Đokić, Josip Urti, Mauro Venier, Sandro Quarantottu, Danijel Despotović, Rikard Šuran, Danilo Fedel, Anton Kostešić, Aleksandar Ristovski, Sandra Piljan Lorencin and Marijan Goldin, Agroprodukt Company, and Family Farms - Zohil from Pomer, Damir Janužić from Rovinj, and Birgit Boljun from Ližnjan.

Manifestation "From sea to table" is co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Administration, Istrian County, Municipality of Medulin, Tourist Board of Medulin Municipality and Public Institution Kamenjak.

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